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March 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This gorgeous couple are the epitome of the disney love story. High School Sweethearts who fell head over heels for each other and made their home together with their two sweet and beautiful babies. They are the sweetest couple you could meet with hearts so big and welcoming that you just love to be around them. When Kerri asked me to photograph their wedding I was so happy, I absolutely love to be around like minded positive and happy people and Kerri seems to have the same outlook on life as I do so I knew we'd get on. With that and their love for everything disney (everyone calls my husband the Disney Prince) we were a match made in heaven. Dean married his Disney Princess at Ellesmere Port Holiday Inn on a day so perfect, youd have thought it wasn't possible. The sky was so blue it hurt your eyes, and the brides and bridesmaids so stunning that you couldn't help but stare. From their disney themed table names to the soft pink bridesmaids gowns and groomsmen's stunning blue suits... it really was dreamy. I love this little family, I hope with all my heart that their new married life is as beautiful and joyful as they are. Much love, Lisa xx

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