Simon & Paula

Under a beautiful blue sky we travelled to Leicester to meet Simon. What I found was a fairly cool and collected groom and his incredibly nervous best man, far more nervous than the groom. It doesn't matter how long you've been in love with someone, the moment your big day arrives to say your vows to each other your nerves of steel leave. You spend months dealing with the stresses of wedding planning like a seasoned professional, handling each obstacle like a woman possessed. But when it comes to standing in front of all your friends and family and the person you love most, you just fall apart. Thankfully those nerves never last longer than the wedding ceremony so once that bit is over then its all 'exhale' and relieved smiles. It was no different for our gorgeous bride Paula, the nerves had her hands shaking but once the ceremony was complete and they were finally Mr & Mrs Hubbard, they both instantly relaxed. It was a beautiful church setting and the sky was such an incredible blue, we chose to do all of our photographs in this gorgeous place. Thankfully, again the forecast of rain was defied in style and not a rain cloud was to be seen. So thank you to Paula and Simon for letting us share your beautiful wedding day. Wishing you both all the love, luck, health wealth and happiness your hearts can hold. With Love, Lisa x




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