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I’ve known Tor since the day she was born, were cousins, so truth be told she really didn’t have any control who was going to photograph her wedding, and Tor knows that id have never have forgiven her if she hadn’t asked me. Thank god she did otherwise it would’ve been awkward. Were a very big family and were close so I had no doubt that this was going to be something special to remember. Tor met Mark online and give him his dues, thanks to a particular set of skills he has, he managed to wiggle his way into instant acceptance, we loved him. Before we knew it, he’d stolen Tors heart and tied her down with two incredibly beautiful children, Violet & Hector. By this point Mark was fully brainwashed and ready to make my gorgeous cousin his wife. So here we are.

I met the family at the hotel, where my Mum (family gang leader) and Auntie Maureen tried to make me sit down and have a drink and something to eat! Sorry fam, got to fly, work to do. I met everyone in the bridal suite, where my gorgeous cousins were requiring a minimal beautification because like Maybelline, we were born with it, but the gorgeous hair and makeup girls were on hand to enhance those stunning features with skill and finesse. The little ones were absolute angels, well bribed and fed. With a midday ceremony we were on a tight schedule. Just before the nuptials could get underway, Hector was starving and ended up persuading the bride (with a meltdown) to breastfeed him otherwise he would not allow his Mummy walk down the aisle to marry his Daddy.

Tor is one of those beautiful women who doesn’t have an absolute clue how stunning she is, which makes her even more bloody breath-taking. Mark took one look at her and crumbled like a digestive. In a snowstorm of confetti and without a cloud in the sky, the party just went off. What a day, I almost went home with sunstroke! In March!. I am so happy that Tor & Mark found each other, I want to wish your new family a fun filled adventure, of laughter, joy, excitement, happiness and love. You both deserve the world and more. I love you Cuz, I know I’m your favourite too. Lisa xx

I wanted to Thank all the incredible wedding suppliers I got to work with:- VENUE: Macdonald Portal Hotel Golf Resort & Spa BRIDAL HAIR: Bridal Hair & Makeup of Cheshire, VENUE DRESSING: Dressed to Impress CAKE: Brides Mum Maria Connolly, TABLE DÉCOR/CRAFTS: Amazing and creative Brides Bestie Debbie, FLOWERS: Lavender View Farm, DRESS: Cheshire Brides of Frodsham – Justin Alexander, SUITS: Slaters, VIDEOGRAPHER: Flash Photography Wedding & Services
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