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It was at Thornton Hall in 2016 at a beautiful wedding for Kimberley and Rob that I first met Leah & Sean. Sean was one of Robs Best men. I knew he was trouble back then but I love a fellow mischief maker. I was so completely honoured when they got in touch with me when they were planning their big day and I was so excited to share it with them, and knowing them already I had no doubt that the day would be fun fun fun. Of course, Rob was one of Sean’s groomsmen so I got to see some lovely familiar faces. It always makes me feel like I’m cheating on my past couples when I see them at another wedding I’m photographing, buy it feels like being back with family.

Talking of family, I met with Leah’s at her mum’s home, only a stone’s throw from St Nicholas church, where she would be marrying the love of her life and we had the most relaxing and fun morning with all the bridesmaids, flower girls and Leah’s mum and step-dad. In honour of Sean’s beloved Celtic colours and Scottish heritage, Kilts and Celtic green were on the menu and the colours were beautiful. Whilst everyone was getting ready, Leaf of Heswall delivered the most beautiful bridal and bridesmaid bouquets as well as sparkly wands adorned with thistles and roses. As Leah was helped into her gorgeous lace fit and flare bridal gown with lace off the shoulder bolero, from Wed2be, there were a few tears of happiness and joy; The best kind of tears.

I met the groom, best man and the groomsmen on a blustery but sunny morning at St Nicholas Church in Wallasey. It’s a stunning building with the most fun and a welcoming Reverend Staples leading the friends and family in this beautiful wedding celebration. I loved this church, so bright, beautiful and comforting. Watching our fabulously relaxed groom at the alter turn to see all the gorgeous bridesmaids, paige boys and flower girls float down the aisle before the stunning Leah made her appearance at the top of the aisle on the arm of her dad.

It was a truly uplifting and wonderful wedding ceremony and I enjoyed it so much. Getting to work with the talented EmmyLou Kelly who assisted me in capturing all these beautiful moments, as well as getting to work with the wonderful Rebecca Lawton from Candystripe Productions again. Even Reverend Staples treated us to a song on his guitar. It was perfect, romantic, and beautiful. Then we all made our way to Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa and celebrated the afternoon and evening away with the most loving and welcome group of family and friends. I absolutely loved being around so many positive and fun people, even if the Glaswegians tried to lead me astray, to be fair though it doesn’t take much. We rounded off the day with a superb sunset and dancing until late with DJ Ian entertainments on the decks to keep everyone on the dancefloor. What a treat, and what a wedding. I want to wish Leah & Sean all the happiness and love in their married life together. It was a joy and a privilege to share your wonderful wedding day with you all. Much Love, Lisa x
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