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I’ve known Sarah for about 30 years, she went to school with my sister and has been close friends ever since. I was absolutely thrilled when Sarah got in touch with me to tell me that her girlfriend Debi had popped the question and she was getting married. As I’ve said I’ve known Sarah for years, but it wasn’t until I saw Sarah with Debi that I saw the transformation. Sarah’s Daughter Sian said it best in her speech, ‘Debi brought her mum back to life and she hasn’t seen her happier since they’ve been together’. To be honest I completely see what Sian meant. I haven’t seen Sarah so in love and completely alive until I saw her again, this time with Debi on her arm. As well as bringing people back to life with Love, Debi is also serving our country in the Royal Navy and brought the Aberdeen massive down to sleepy Cheshire to celebrate her love and marriage to Sarah, and I had a font row seat.

With the new year bells still reverberating in the air, this was my first wedding of 2019 and it was a joy to be sharing it with old friends. We met on a remarkably mild Saturday at Statham Lodge, where Andy Ball (Toastmaster extraordinaire) and the incredible staff had decorated the place beautifully for our two brides with a gorgeous rustic style and magnificent naked wedding cake. People had travelled far and wide to be there for the big day and everything ran like clockwork.

We had to work out some covert room juggling for hair and makeup so that the brides didn’t see each other before the ceremony but it worked a treat and before long it was time to put on ‘the dresses. It was very emotional and beautiful seeing these girls with their families and basking in the precious moments was wonderful. Sarah’s Dad had sadly been rushed into hospital before the big day and she was devastated he wouldn’t be there for their big day, but she put on her best brave face and walked down the aisle on the arms of her beautiful children Ethan & Sian. However, Sian’s wife Lindsey captured all the moments on a live video direct to Sarah’s dad, so he didn’t miss the Wedding.

Debi and Sarah looked absolutely breath-taking. Their emotional connection is so strong that it made it so easy for me to photograph those gorgeous natural moments because they genuinely only had eyes for each other. I always know how emotionally charged weddings are because I cry, and Ill be honest, I cried a fair few times that day. It was magical.

I want to thank Sarah & Debi, all their friends and family for helping make this day as special as it was and for making me feel like one of their own. You two deserve every happiness, I’m so glad you have found each other. I wish you both all the love, luck, health wealth and happiness your hearts can hold. With so much Love, Lisa xx

With thanks to the fantastic wedding suppliers I got the chance to work with:-
Statham Lodge Hotel
Andy Ball - Toastmaster
Wicked Pops - Cake Pops
Jade Thomas - Makeup Artist
Emma Horn Vanity Hair Latchford - Bridal Hair
Linz MJ - Wedding Cake
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