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Ryan & Gemma are the sweetest couple ever, we bonded over our mutual love of everything fun and romantic and the fact that their parents and in-laws are the best of friends with each other, just like mine. It’s kind of weird but we love that. They are so unbelievably lovely, gorgeous, gentle & kind, with a family they love fiercely and a passion for Disney. When I met the bridal party that morning they were so completely organised and on track that I couldn’t help but admire the teacher in Jemma, making sure everything ran to plan and on time.

The guys albeit were a little bit more nervous and stressed than the girls but that’s normal. Ryan, equally organised had left a gift for his wife to be which I was thrilled to read out (a surprise trip to California and the Disney Castle at New Year!!! – What a treat). It had the tears flowing in full force, something Jemma had no idea about.

The venue was dressed to perfection and the room looked like an aqua wonderland with twinkle lights galore and beautiful blossom trees. With family travelling far and wide (with even a beloved uncle travelling from Texas) for the nuptials. Ryan giggled the nerves away until his beautiful bride arrived and at that moment, nothing could wipe the smiles from their faces. I stole the new Mr & Mrs away after the ceremony for a little one on one time and we re-joined the friends and families and got the party underway.

The speeches were hysterical, with none other than Wagner from Xfactor providing a video of well wishes for the happy couple. The afternoon flew by and before we knew it the evening guests arrived, and the party really got started. It was an incredible day with a beautiful couple, and a family who made us feel like we were one of their own. We laughed and smiled the day away and nobody could have asked for more. It was a spectacular wedding and I bloody loved it. I want to wish Jemma & Ryan all the love, luck, good health, wealth and happiness their hearts can hold. With so much love, Lisa x

Thank you to all the amazing wedding suppliers I got to work with: - thank you to Rebecca Sulley for second shooting with me, Iced of Garstang, The Bridal Collection Lancaster, Chase the Sun, J Yates and Son, The flower shop by Morgan, Ken Robinson Pianist, Christopher Hirst Magician, George Phillips Selfie Mirror, Garstang Golf Club
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