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I’ve known Katie and Mike since our kids started reception class together. They are such a sweet couple, active and outdoorsy type with a zest for life and excitement, so when Katie approached me and told me that they planned to elope and marry without telling anyone, I wasn’t surprised. I was excited as a pig in mud though. Katie and Mike wanted to get married for them, for their boys, without all the fuss and finance a big wedding would involve. They just wanted a small intimate ceremony and a wedding that would involve their children and their best friends (who just happened to be married to each other too).

Katie had pretty much single handed planned and designed their whole day. Even going so far as to make her own bouquets, and a magnificent two-tier gluten fee chocolate cake (which tasted divine by the way). So along with our mutual friend, and hairdresser, Karen (mum of another child in our kid’s class) we were sworn to secrecy. The anticipation of the elopement wedding and keeping such a huge secret was wonderfully exciting, plus I get to have lots of cuddles with the gorgeous Charlie & Rory.

So, I arrived at Katies house nice and early to see our friend Karen getting cracking on the gorgeous natural ‘up-do’ Katie wanted. Once that was done, we left the chief bridesmaid and little flower girls on Karen’s capable hands whilst Katie and I made our way to meet Rebecca G, a makeup artist I’d worked with before. I absolutely loved the natural chic look she gave Katie, I’m always used to seeing Katie on the school run and as a natural beauty, she never really needs makeup to look fabulous, so to see her made up so perfectly was wonderful.

Whilst I left Katie to get dressed I went to meet Mike, the boys, his best man and the two flower girls, the boys looked amazing in their gorgeous linen trousers and braces. We went and had some fun around Palmyra square and capture some fab photos. Time passes fast so before we knew it, it was time to get to the registry office before our bride arrived. Katie looked sensational in her 50’s style knee high wedding gown with a chiffon & lace illusion overlay. So, without many nerves, just pure unadulterated happy anticipation, surrounded by their best friends, and kids (and me) Katie and Mike finally said I do.

As most of you know I don’t really do rain on my weddings and despite it being forecast thundery showers, they knew better and stayed away until the wedding party went off to Las Ramblas for their wedding breakfast celebration.

I couldn’t wish more happiness for this gorgeous little family and It was such an honour and a privilege to share their elopement with them. Here’s to you all and the beginning of your new married life. Love you’s. Lisa xx
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