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This year has taken its toll on many couples planning their perfect day, including Michelle & Mark who contacted me on their 6th attempt at getting married. There was not much time until the big day but one of my former brides recommended me to Michelle and we sorted the booking over WhatsApp. I love a girl who knows her mind and we had a plan so roll on the big day.

I am not going to lie, I messed up. My first time in 15 years. I was just passing Frodsham when I realised, I had forgot my SD cards. The howl of horror I made led to stomach swirling panic for the next 30 mins. I was half an hour early, but I dropped off my camera bag at the registry office and legged it to the nearest place I could by some pro SD cards. I was saved inside the Chester precinct and legged it back to the Registry office. Due to covid restrictions, Michelle & Mark were only permitted two witnesses, no photographer allowed; Hey I knew I could try and beat the system. So, I set up a camera in the room (it had no windows for me to peek through), but I added a remote trigger which would allow me to fire the camera at a distance.

Then Mark, his Dad and his best man arrived. We headed onto the streets of Chester for some fun shots before the bride’s arrival. I was hoping Mark would be nervous, but he looked quite calm and collected. Michelle and her mum arrived and looking absolutely WOW in her form fitting frilled white dress and dusky pink faux fur cape. Mark had no idea how incredible his bride to be looked, and to keep that surprise, we sneaked past the Registry Office window to get some shots of the girls whilst we still could. The Christmas lights were on and all the shop fronts looked so festive and twinkly. It really added to the romance of it. Not even having to rearrange their wedding 5 times could dampen their dream of getting married. The happy couple were led away, and I was left holding the trigger. Truth is I was shooting the wedding blind, although I could hear the registrar through a small window gap, so I was praying I didn’t miss the important bits.

After the happy couple emerged, we escaped to the Christmas lit streets of Chester. We laughed, they danced, I lay on the floor, they kissed under the Chester Clock and the blankets of twinkly lights. Finally, their love for each other won the day and husband and wife complete the family dream…. Wait until they get home and tell the twins!!! Wishing your little family all the love, luck, good health, wealth, and happiness your hearts can hold. Much Love, Lisa x
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