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They always say you should never rush into marriage, that you should really get to know the person before you take that big step. Lynn made Mark wait for over 30 years before finally agreeing to tie the knot. The sun had his hat on for this beautiful intimate Ceremony and reception at The Daresbury Hotel. Surrounded by their closest of family and friends, Mark and Lynn arrived in enviable style. Mark in his personal lovingly restored citrus Orange '57 Chevy truck and Lynn in a beautiful blue 1950's Cadillac. With their daughter as one of the beautiful bridesmaids and their Grandson as paige boy, they took their vows. There was lots of nerves, surprisingly as they knew each other so well, but there was more fun, laughter and love than you could shake a stick at. It was an honour to photograph your big day. Wishing you both all of the love, luck, good health, wealth and happiness your hearts can hold. Lisa xx

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