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Here are the images from Liam & Beckie’s Village Hotel Wedding Blog. You are welcome to download the images from the gallery (see link at the bottom) however we respectfully ask that, in line with copyright restrictions, that you do not crop out our logo or apply filters or edit the images in any way. Please feel free to share the images on social media, all we ask is that you please tag 'Bancroft Photography' when you post.

Those who know Liam & Beckie well understand the challenges that have faced these beautiful people throughout their lives. Despite all the obstacles put in front of them, Liam & Beckie have fought for everything they have today, with smiles, determination and laughter. Finding each other in their journeys and knowing that they were meant to be together forever. The time I spent talking with their families and loved ones, showed me that what Beckie and Liam have achieved with sheer perseverance is everything to them. To see this beautiful couple take their vows as man and wife was truly one of the happiest days.

When Beckie found me online, we chatted quite a lot over messenger. Beckie had a design for her wedding day and it had to include everything and everyone she knows and loves. With her passion for all things Disney, the important people in their families, their friends, and all things craft and creative, Beckie thought of absolutely everything. With gift bag galore, fabulous favours, a balloon release and a wedding cake I have never seen the likes of before, it was magnificent. This girl can plan a wedding that’s for sure.

Looking so beautiful in her gorgeous lace and beaded gown and Beckie, (in her own words), in her blinged out blue wheeled chair, she was led down the aisle with her Dad at the helm and her beautiful niece & flower girl by her side. In time honoured tradition, Liam was without a doubt a very nervous groom, I suspect the 5 pre-ceremony coffees didn’t help in the slightest, but at the sight of Beckie, and a restrained tears, you could almost see the relief on his face to have his girl by his side.

Beckie had us all in stitches, despite wearing a dress, she definitely wore the proverbial trousers on this, her big day. Letting us all know exactly who was in charge. When all that mattered to Liam, was that Beckie was happy. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and roars of laughter with all the cheeky quips Beckie threw at every opportunity. Mostly though, there was joy. Pure, unadulterated, genuine joy. Nothing brings me more happiness than to share moments like these.

After the amazing speeches, hugs, and giant multipack of crisps were presented (fab story by the way), Beckie and Liam made their way outside and under a shower of confetti, smiled for the camera. They then released balloons in memory of their loved ones and Liam’s mum who are sadly no longer with us. A fitting and beautiful tribute to those they love.

I want to thank Liam and Beckie, their friends and families for sharing this day with me, for allowing me to bask in the joy of their beautiful union. I want to wish Liam & Beckie all the love, good luck, health, wealth and happiness their hearts can hold. They deserve it so much. Much Love, Lisa xx
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