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Meeting Laura and Keith was one of my most wonderful and memorable consultations I’ve ever had. Everyone who knows me well knows I love everything different and unusual. So, hearing about their love for each other and passions for their winged friends had me fascinated from the get go. Laura rescues and rehabilitates Bats, she Is and forever will be, my bat bride. So, when they both told me their plans for their big day, along with their totally relaxed, fun and laid-back personalities I was eagerly anticipating the day id get to share with them. During our meeting Laura took me into their back garden which has a bat flight and I was lucky enough to see the most beautiful and tiny little creatures fluttering around Laura during a feed. It was magnificent. My kids (complete animal lovers) were in awe when I told them what I saw. Laura also works at The Liverpool World Museum and during a school holiday trip with the kids, we were invited to a private behind the scene tour where we got up close and personal with everything you can imagine, from giant Tarantulas, to Ghekos, turtles, screaming cockroaches, giant moths and Baby Praying Mantis. It was to this day, one of the best days out we ever had. How wonderfully sweet and kind Laura is.

The big day didn’t disappoint. It was the hottest bank holiday weekend in 40 years and we were treated to an outdoor ceremony in the summer house on the grounds of Thornton Hall. Wedding days don’t really get better than that, unless you are surrounded by the amazing friends and family of Keith & Laura. I also had the wonderful Becca Sulley working with me, helping capture every moment of this magical day. After a super relaxed and laid-back morning of bridal hair and makeup, the gorgeous bridesmaids and flower girl arrived and with all the dresses hanging there ready, things got exciting. The bride returned to her bridal suite and was greeted by two gorgeous stuffed ‘Discworld’ toys, Keith had left them for Laura and she was over the moon. Terry Pratchett’s magical imagination holds a special place in their hearts. It seems these two know each other inside out as Keith received his brides gift of Discworld Ale around the same time. Smiles all round. Even when little Maisie the flower girl fell off the bed onto her knees, I whipped out my micropore magic tape and fixed those red knees. So, with tears dried and dressed to perfection, they were ready.

Waiting in the summerhouse in the gorgeous manicured grounds of Thornton Hall, Keith waited the arrival of his beautiful bride. Without any nerves and knowing they are so right for each other and meant to be, the breath-taking Laura made her way along the meandering pathway to the man of her dreams. It was a truly beautiful ceremony, surrounded by nature and everything they love, and basking in the sunshine they finally became Mr & Mrs Dooley.

We partied the day away with the sun on our faces, playing lawn games, with giant bubbles, connect 4, balloon animals and a competitive game of ‘aggressive Jenga’. It was so much fun, and the grounds were filled with love and so much laughter. Seeing Laura’s incredible wedding cake creation filled me with pride. For someone who isn’t a professional baker I was blown away with the incredible stacked suitcases and personalised Lego figures and passports. They dined and celebrated in the Crystal Suite and in True Thornton Hall tradition, everyone ate like kings and queens (including the photographers). They celebrated into the evening and the dancefloor was packed from the get go. It was just my kind of wedding, just the kind of love I enjoy celebrating. I want to wish Keith and Laura all the love, good luck, health, wealth and happiness their hearts can hold. They deserve it. Much Love, Lisa x
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