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    With a beautiful ready made family Kim and John were looking to finally get married and make their family complete. Kim has a flair for everything vintage and creative eye to be envied. It was the attention to detail and seamless coordination of the little things that made this wedding so enviably beautiful. From the handmade and hand tied sky blue and pink silk bouquets for the bridesmaids and the stunning brooch bridal bouquet, clearly made with love, everything was set to be perfect. It was such a sunny and relaxing morning during bridal preparations and a joy to be part of. John met Kim at the Warrington Registry office to make her his wife, and a joyous intimate wedding party made their way to The Fir Grove Hotel in Grappenhall, where we were met by the most dedicated, efficient and professional team of staff I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. Everything was perfect, from the vows, to the details, to the incredibly beautifully vintage style room and a most breathtaking and stunning bride. I couldnt be more happy for this wonderful couple and their two beautiful, amazingly well behaved and well mannered children. Thank you for sharing your day with me, and for letting us capture the most incredible memories of your life. Wishing you both every happiness for the future. Lisa x
John & Kim

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