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Here are the images from John & Joanne’s St Georges & The Florist Wedding Blog. You are welcome to download the images from the gallery (see link at the bottom) however we respectfully ask that, in line with copyright restrictions, that you do not crop out our logo or apply filters or edit the images in any way. Please feel free to share the images on social media, all we ask is that you please tag 'Bancroft Photography' when you post.

I’ve known Joanne for 6+ years, she is one of the most talented artificial bloom florists I’ve ever met. When I first began shooting weddings across the northwest, her name kept cropping up every time I spoke to potential brides and whom they’d chosen to be their florist and we became firm Facebook friends. Jo has skills, unbelievable skills, she creates bouquets of absolute beauty, now assisted in her shop by her daughter Georgia. So, when she contacted me to ask if I would photograph her wedding to her beloved john I couldn’t believe it. Of all the wedding photographers Joanne knows, I was so proud and honoured that she picked me.

I met Joanne and her daughters (Gemma& Georgia) at The Shankly Hotel in the most incredible bridal suite, with a ceiling of artificial flowers not unlike the floral wall in Joanne’s own shop. The incredible Abi & Jess from Headrush were there working their magic on the girl’s hair and makeup. We had so much fun that morning just chatting, laughing and telling stories, before we knew it, it was time to head for our city streets adventure. With John & Joanne’s wedding ceremony taking place at 4pm we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of light left to get portraits so myself, joanne, Georgia and Gemma headed off to the Baltic triangle to visit some of the best street artwork you will see outside of a gallery.

After our mini adventure I delivered the girls back to the hotel and met John and his son Alex at St Georges Hall for a little walk around our gorgeous city’s landmark before settling in and bride’s arrival. Right on cue, Paul from Boho Brides (VW Camper Van) safely delivered our trio of beauties, ready for the big moment.

It truly was an intimate wedding, Just the 6 of us, and over 60% of the wedding party cried throughout the emotional and meaningful ceremony. Gemma read Joey’s funny ‘giving and receiving speech’ (from friends) and Alex delivered the wedding rings without a hitch. Once it was official, Mr Big JQ & Mrs Little JQ, the happily blended family made their way outside to a surprise gathering of family and friends.

Paul the lovely camper van man let me stow away and drove us to the liver buildings so I could get some great shots with Jo & John. Jo asked where I was taking them…. ‘to the central reservation mid rush hour…. Of course!’. Amidst beeps and shouts of congrats we got some amazing shots of the happy couple. We ended our adventure at the most amazing venue, The Florist. A veritable buffet of beautiful décor and decadence accompanied the killer cocktail menu and gorgeous food. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

I absolutely adore this family, they are such beautiful people, inside and out, and I loved every second I spent with them. Thank you for choosing me, for letting me share your wedding day with you and treating me like one of your own. #BestDayEver
Much Love Lisa xx

With thanks to the fantastic wedding suppliers I got the chance to work with: -
Shankly Hotel Liverpool
The Florist Liverpool
Boutique Brides
Boho Brides (VW Camper Van)
St Georges Hall Liverpool
Jess – Makeup Artist at Headrush
Abi – Bridal Hair Design at Headrush
Flowers – Foam Wedding Flowers by Joanne (bouquets made by Joanne & Georgia)
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