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This is not a blog, it cant be a blog. Its not a dainty mini preview of a collection, its an enormous outpouring of love, in photographs... Its my family after all. This is where my wee gorgeous cousin Jamie married the love of his life, the best girl that could fit in so fabulously and seamlessly into our crazy fun loving family and not beat an eyelash when we go all loco and smother you with love. This is us, a veritable buffet of laughter, smiles, tears, and red (well Jamie had to get his love of LFC in there somewhere). To the tinkling of ivory keys on the piano and a violinists solo Danielle made her last walk as a single women into the arms of the man she loves. So If you love live music, fluffy owls. dancing, laughter and castles then you have lucked out. Here is Peckforton Castle fabulous february wedding for Jamie and Danielle, You know I love the bones of the both of you, but just in case you forgot I thought id tell you again. Much love, from your favourite cousin, Lisa xx
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