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I totally lucked out with meeting this couple… well the fact is one of my couples sang my praises so loudly that they had no option but to listen and book me but that’s by the by.
Steph and James got together 5 years ago, when Steph had her hands full raising her own two little men, but it clearly was meant to be. They were a match made in heaven. In December James popped the question, and after a surprise visit and 20-minute chat at their table with Will.i.Am (he was in the hotel at The Voice after party), I think they both realised they didn’t want to waste any time before tying the knot. Time is so fleeting and being together was all that mattered.
That was it, 12 weeks to plan a wedding, a heartfelt recommendation and Steph and I were like email best buddies chatting back and forth on the short run up to their big day.

The venue was everything I loved about traditional agricultural architecture - Homely with an air of earthly rustic quality, high end finishes and superior attention to detail set amongst the most beautiful landscaped gardens and grounds. Despite having such a short time to plan their wedding day, Steph absolutely knocked me off my feet with the stunning Watters gown she chose to wear to marry James in. It fit her stunning petite figure like a second skin and seeing her in it genuinely took my breath away. What blew me away more was just how wonderful her boys are, how polite, kind, thoughtful and genuinely lovely they are, and the high level of love and respect they clearly have for James.
On a February afternoon, surrounded by all the family and friends they cherish most, and under the spirit and light of those no longer with us James married his princess and Steph married her prince. We laughed, we cried, we heard speeches that were so heartfelt, genuine and beautiful. The guests dined on beautiful food under twinkling candle lights and the day was more perfect than they could have hoped for. This new family are special and together I wish them days of sunshine, happiness, good health, and so much love that they will have to stuff it in their socks. They deserve it all and I am beyond grateful that our paths crossed in such a wonderful and fateful way. Much Love, Lisa xx
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