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God, I just don’t know where to start with this one, it was a cracker. I think its best I begin where all good fairy tales start…. Once upon a time… I was photographing an incredible wedding for two beautiful people, Dan & Amy. At this incredible wedding they introduced me to a lovely couple called Ian & Justine. Ian was Amy’s personal trainer and got her in tip top shape before her big day. I loved Ian & Justine from the minute we met, so when I got an email saying ‘you probably don’t remember me but….’. Of course I remembered her, Justine is a real life super smiley and beautiful Disney princess and Ian is the tall handsome prince charming with boulders for shoulders. Id have followed them across the country to be able to photograph their incredible wedding day.

As it happens, I only had to stalk them to Liverpool, 30 James Street to be exact, and its here where our fairy tale starts getting fabulous. Not a family to shy away from a party (they run R’Marnies Party Hire and Justine runs a Drama School too) Everyone was involved in creating most of the visual fabulous things that dressed the beautiful 30 James Street to perfection. They also had a team of the most amazing wedding suppliers on hand to make sure everything was perfect and ran like clockwork.

Justine was an absolute vision, calm, full of happiness and surrounded by the people she loved best whilst she spent her last single morning getting ready to marry her prince charming. Ian, remarkably was not in the gym, or running Warrior fitness, he was in a suit!, sure, steadfast, and ready to marry the princess of his dreams. It really is one of those happy fill your heart up, Disney love, kind of wedding days.

With Justine’s bridesmaids looking perfectly the part, soon it was time for the bride to float down the aisle, and she did. On her dad Neil’s Arm, looking like the sensational Disney beauty she is. Ian couldn’t hide his happiness if he tried. Soon they were the new Mr & Mrs Hesketh and they emerged from the steps of 30 James Street into blue skies galore. We took a trip to the pier head under the watchful gaze of the Liver birds and twirled, and laughed and bathed in the love of complete strangers.

I think I’m going to run out of space in this blog so Id better stop waffling on and show you what it was all about. If you love Liverpool, city weddings, beautiful people, singing, superman press ups, sky platforms and city landscapes and everything fabulous then come and share the love with me, there’s plenty to go around. Justine and Ian, you know I adore you both, you deserve so much joy and happiness in your lives together, I wish you every blessing your heart can hold. Thank you, for choosing me and loving me like one of your own. Lisa xx

I want to thank all the amazing suppliers I got to work with: -
Venue Dressing: R Marnies Party World – Party Hire
Flower Wall: R Marnies Party World - Partyhire
Videographer: Everwood
Venue: 30 James Street
Flowers: Debbie Gavin – Met Quarter
Toastmaster:- Kevin Nelson
Dress: The Bridal Rooms, Hoylake
Suits: Slaters Liverpool
Makeup: Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson
Hairdresser: Leigh Jordan
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