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Ian & Emma are the most fun couple, despite having been through some tough times together, its only cemented their love for each other. With ‘what’s going on’ putting a scupper to their existing wedding plans, they thought, hell what are we waiting for, lets just do it. With some epic planning, and the kindness of one of my other couples who reappointed their pre-wedding shoot so I could photograph it, Ian & Emma designed their intimate Walton Hall Wedding.

Although the guest list was most essentially exclusive, and the restrictions of the last few months, it is safe to say everyone was cherishing every single second of their big day. Now I could tell you that I was absolutely fuming that the weather chose to debut a huge rain storm, but there was no chance in the world it would dampen my excitement or enthusiasm. Just being back doing exactly what I love was everything to me.

Ian wasn’t as nervous as I thought he’d be but then again, it would take a lot to unsettle someone like him. This was a man who was sure in his decision to marry the girl of his dreams. He was too busy laughing and getting up to mischief to be nervous. Before we knew it, Emma arrived at Walton Hall, on the arm of her proud Dad, looking every inch the blushing bride, dressed in the most incredible fit and flare embroidered and beaded bridal gown. Emma looked breath taking and even the rain couldn’t take the happiness and sparkle out of her eyes.

So, with everyone socially distanced and sat with anticipation, in walked the bridesmaids and page boy, two of which belonged to the beautiful bride and groom. The look on Ian’s face said it all. There were buckets of happy tears, of which I contributed a fair few, and Emma and Ian said I Do.
Although the rain continued to try and dampen the day, it failed in fantastic style. Ian & Emma took a walk under the canopy of the trees in Walton Gardens and escaped to the Bridgewater canal for a romantic moment to escape the rain. It was deserted and completely magical.
It was a wonderful day and set my creative fire ablaze after such a long time without a beautiful wedding to photograph. Thank you, Ian & Emma, for showing me exactly why I love what I do, I felt alive again. So even though covid tried to sabotage love stories across the world, I have to say, that’s it can’t ever touch real love, not love as strong as these two have for each other. I can’t wish them both enough happiness. Enjoy your beautiful family adventures. Much Love, Lisa x
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