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I loved the design for Jeanette & Grahams wedding day. They wanted an elegant autumn wedding day with a classic chic feel in an intimate setting with all those they loved most around them; They absolutely nailed it. The weather considerately got all the rain out of the way first thing leaving the temperature unusually warm for the time of year and the Autumn colours were on full on party mode. As always Statham Lodge was dressed to perfection with every little detail and special touch attended to. the bridal party was completely relaxed and ready to be beautified when I joined them and Jeanette was definitely ready to marry the love of her life. Dressed in the most incredibly ethereal grecian gown, with layers of flowing chiffon topped off with a full length veil, Jeanettes eyes just sparkled, she looked so beautiful; Graham could not keep his eyes off her. With their nearest and dearest as bridesmaids in their flowing navy gowns and their pretty auburn haired flower girl, they led Jeanette right into the arms of her man. It was a gorgeous ceremony, emotional and heartfelt and honest. We loved sharing this amazing day with Jeanette, Graham and their friends and families. Warmth of the love this couple have for each other complimented the warmth of the autumn colours to perfection. It was a joy to capture their story. Much Love Lisa xx
Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00001Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00002Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00003Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00004Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00005Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00006Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00007Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00008Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00009Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00010Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00011Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00012Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00013Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00014Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00015Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00016Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00017Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00018Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00019Graham-&-Jeanette-Statham Lodge Wedding - 00020