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We've been friends since around 2006, but despite the distance from Liverpool, they're my people. The nicest people. So with the beautiful Geraldine and gorgeous Roberta by my side we hit Gorilla in Manchester to listen to my favourite poets and watch the soundtrack of my 30's be belted out by the best band ever. Glasvegas.

These images might not be perfect (Ive learned not to bring my most expensive kit to sweaty gig venues) but I shot this for the pure love of it, and that means more to me than anything. Weddings are more my thing these days, but this is where the memories all began.

So this is for you, Paul, Robert, James & Jonna, Geraldine, Denise, Sheila, Alan, Roberta, Liz, Thomas and all my Glasvegas family. My life is all the richer for having you in it.
Much Love, Lisa xx
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