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I’ve known the Salisbury’s for well over 15 years. The grooms mum Neva is one of my best friends and I love her and her family fiercely, like they are my own flesh and blood. I’ve watched her children grow over the years into the most amazing and wonderful people and it was such a huge honour for me when Dominick and Saskia asked me if I would travel to Cornwall and photograph their wedding day. I also got to work with Becky of Candystripe Productions who was videographer for the day so I knew the day would be full of fun. Saskia has such a beautiful energy, she is one of the most gentle, kind and wonderful souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and it’s a joy to spend any measure of time with her. Dom idolises his girl, and who can blame him, and nobody makes her smile and laugh like Dominick. They are a match made in heaven and I got to share the most cherished and fun filled days with some of my favourite humans ever.

After a whirlwind catchup, the night before the wedding, the sun was rising, and the big day was upon us. The happy couple were to be married at the most incredible slice of Cornish countryside called ‘The Green’ in Liskeard and I was a smitten kitten the minute I took a stroll around the grounds with its stone cottages, rustic barns and beautiful beamed buildings. Run by a stellar team of professionals and lead by the wonderful Andrea (you are fabulous!!!). Never in a million years would you have believed it was February. The sun was cracking the flags and the sky as blue as a day at the beach.

With the boys sorting out their moss bros suits and the girls getting prettied up, with a little help from the talented Ella Butler Makeup Artist, and the bride’s sister and Maid of Honour, Robyn, doing the bridal party’s hair. The love and the laughter were so tangible you could almost reach out and touch it. Saskia, Robyn & Bruce’s mum Janet wasn’t well enough to make it to the wedding but thanks to the miracles of modern technology, the most important bits were streamed live to her, so she didn’t miss all the most magical moments. On the arm of her immensely proud little brother Bruce, Saskia floated down the aisle in the most stunning elegant gown looking like a movie star. This girl truly doesn’t have a clue how beautiful she really is, but Dom knows, and the look on his face said it all.

After all the laughter and love of the most meaningful wedding ceremony, and the music from ‘jack of all trades (the fabulous acoustic duo who travelled all the way to serenade their friends), the new Mr & Mrs Salisbury made their way up the aisle under a barrage of beautiful pom-poms, which became temporary assault weapons, amongst screams of laughter. Although the venue didn’t allow confetti, we did have some natural blossom petals we used so we could get that all-important shot. After the ceremony, it was off with the posh wedding shoes and on with the hiking boots for an adventure on hill-tops, cliff edges and beautiful lakes with the happy couple.

WE danced the day and evening away (I jived my butt off with my gorgeous friend Neva) and surrounded by so much love, so many of their amazing friends and family, my cup runneth over. To Saskia & Dominick whatever life brings you always remember this…. Love is about giving everything and expecting nothing. Its inexhaustible, the more you give, the more you have.

Thank you to all the amazing wedding suppliers who contributed to this magnificent day: -
Venue: The Green, Liskeard, Cornwall – (thank you Andrea)
Cake: Hayley at Dollybird Bakes
Wedding Dress: - Bethany Hannah – Essence of Australia
Venue Dressing: - Neva, Rita, Kasanita & Saskia
Welcome Sign, Table Plan :- emabelle creations
Suits: - Moss Bros
Flowers: - Sharon Mesher Wedding Flowers
Hair: - Robyn Martinus-Brown
Makeup: - Ella Butler Makeup Artist
Videographer: - Candystripe Productions
Love Letters: - Precious Moments Wedding Hire
Band: - Jack of All Trades
Bridesmaid Dresses: - ASOS
DJ: - DJinCornwall
Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00003Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00028Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00036Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00044Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00051Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00054Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00055Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00060Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00070Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00078Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00083Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00085Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00089Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00090Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00091Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00094Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00101Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00105Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00112Dominick_&_Saskia_The_Green_Cornwall_Wedding 00115