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I’ve known donna for a very long time, we grew up around the corner from each other and met each other when we were around 6 years old in school. Seems crazy that we’ve been friends that long but we have. Donna’s sister was best friends with my best friend’s sister and we’ve all stayed in touch so it’s been lovely seeing the families grow over the years.

Donna hasn’t had the easiest of times, she has battled hard with her health and finally found the man of her dreams who loves her the way she deserves to be loved. On finding each other, Donna & Dave knew they were meant to be together, the love they have for one another is incredibly strong and has carried them through tough times, loss and health battles nobody is ever really prepared for. Instead of testing their relationship to the brink, it brought them even closer together and strengthened their love so deeply that they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

So, after a yearly countdown, and urgent surgery 2 days before her wedding, Donna, like the brave and beautiful warrior she is, put on her gorgeous wedding gown and married the man of her dreams. Along with all they love most in this world to lend their support, David married his girl and two beautiful families became one.

It was great fun being around the family again after so many years, nobody has really changed, they are all still fun loving, crazy and mischievous, and everything is said with a laugh and a smile. What more could you want. Seeing my old school friend so incredibly happy was so wonderful. Donna looked beautiful and Dave could hardly believe his luck. Knowing these two, no luck was involved. Just pure unadulterated heartfelt love.

I wish this same level of love and happiness to David & Donna, you two are meant to be together and I couldn’t be happier seeing you both finally marry. You deserve so much love, luck, health, wealth and happiness. Much Love, Lisa
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