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When I met Karen and Danny, I walked into their hallway and right there and then they had my attention. Welcomed by a floor to ceiling glitter wall and two gorgeous smiles It felt like meeting up with old friends who love everything that I do. Hearing about their plans for their Santorini Wedding I was filled with wistful longing, for Greece stole my heart a long time ago and I fear will never return it... although i don't mind as I get to go back there every year for a visit. When they realised I was already committed to another wedding for their Greek celebration, they instead asked if I could photograph their UK celebration and I knew with Karen's love for bling and everything sparkly it would be one wedding I did not want to miss. I wasn't wrong either.

I know Danny and Karen hadn't had things easy in their relationship, but their love for each other conquered every obstacle and I was thrilled to share their fun filled sparkly day with fun and excitement galore. Their friends and families are absolutely my kind of people and we fit together like diamonds and pearls. All I wanted for this family was to do them proud, for Karen to have the most wonderful wedding she had dreamed of for so long and to do them proud. Karen is one of those women who has no idea just how beautiful they are, inside and out, and I hoped to show her just how incredible she looked with the wedding photographs I captured. Karen looked stunning in her figure hugging fit and flare beaded gown with a low back and sexy bead detail and the bridesmaids looked the part in their coral chiffon dresses. Everything was perfect.

Id already scouted out an area close to the Mercure Haydock. I always like to produce those Wow shots for my couples and had to think outside the box with this one. After getting ready at their home, we all made our way to the hotel to put the final touches together before Danny's mum carried out the heartfelt and personal celebration ceremony. We were led into the gorgeous plush bar for drinks and celebrations whilst we were treated to a fabulous saxophonist.

I whisked Danny and Karen out to the pretty hayfield I had found and despite a bit of muddy terrain we captured all the precious moments they had hoped to capture, all a stones throw from the hotel. Even Karen agreed that the muddy heels were worth it after seeing the shots we were able to get.

The reception would be taking place in the gorgeous tented marquee in the hotel courtyard and it was decorated in an array of coral and white with plenty of crystal, twinkly lights and every detail you can think of. A huge Mr & Mrs light up sign, basket of flip flops for tired feet and a decadent chocolate fountain, I may have treated myself to a chocolate covered strawberry or three. So after a bouquet toss on the dancefloor (and a worthy winner), a romantic first dance, we were treated to our own personal fantastic firework display. A perfect sparkly end to a truly wonderful wedding and celebration. So heres to new friends, and their beautiful blended families, and a lifetime of happiness. Much Love, Lisa x
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