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Here are the images from Andrew & Micaela's The Bentley Wedding Blog. You are welcome to download the images from the gallery (see link at the bottom) however we respectfully ask that, in line with copyright restrictions, that you do not crop out our logo or apply filters or edit the images in any way. Please feel free to share the images on social media, all we ask is that you please tag 'Bancroft Photography' when you post.

Andrew & Micaela have been together forever, when they first met, over Andrews DJ turntables I think they both knew they'd met 'the one'. Fast forward a few years and they cemented their love by creating a beautiful little boy together (Harrison) and then their family was born.

Not wanting all the fuss and the faff of a big wedding, these two gorgeous people jetted off across the ocean and tied the knot in the greatest and most exciting city of all, Las Vegas. They knew their families and friends wouldnt let them get away without a huge celebration, so when they got home they planned the most wonderful party with all they love best in this world.

The Bentley is a beautiful venue. It overlooks the Liver Buildings and the river mersey and with floor to ceiling windows it has the best view in the city. The city that raised me.

After we escaped to the roof top for some amazing nighttime shots with the city lights twinking behind us, we headed back down to welcome all the newly arriving guests. They danced the night away and helped everyone get in the party mood with Andrew & Micaela bringing shots around for everyone. Now thats what I call a party (such a shame I had to drive home).

Congratulations to Andrew & Micaela, I wish you both all the love and happiness in your new married life together. Thank you for letting me capture the start of something beautiful. Much Love, Lisa xx
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