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I was introduced to Rob & Amy through their neighbours Lynn & Geoff after I photographed their son’s wedding earlier in the year. I was thrilled when I got to know them as they are completely and utterly my kind of people. They have their perfect ready-made family, with the cute and cheeky Charlie keeping them on their toes and they are unreservedly, madly in love with each other. Rob only has to look at Amy and she just can’t help but grin from ear to ear; and as utterly stunning as she is, she doesn’t have a clue how beautiful she is.

Rob & Amy chose to marry at the beginning of the festive season, with winter evenings closing early and Christmas trees and bunting twinkling aplenty. We met that morning at the Grosvenor Pulford hotel and preparations were in full swing. Amy’s Aunt Heather had no doubt spent weeks preparing the details and venue décor, and she was a formidable force that morning making sure all the room décor, floral arrangements, bouquets, and pomanders were created to the most creative and beautiful ability. Heather worked such wonders and no detail was left to chance, everything was perfect.

Rob and his ushers were cool, calm and collected, there was not a nervous face amongst them. Amy & her maid of honour Maria were enjoying their morning of pampering and gradually, as the morning passed, the odd butterfly in their stomachs grew until a flurry of excitement filled the room. Next it was time for Amy to put on ‘the dress’. Well in all fairness it wasn’t the first dress Amy bought, that one was still in the wardrobe at home. In fact, one week before the big day, Amy decisively bought a completely different dress design and by god, it was one hell of a good decision because she looked amazing.

Rob couldn’t believe his eyes as Amy glided down the aisle towards him, and equally you couldn’t wipe the smile off Amy’s joyful face. It was so wonderful and completely romantic. Especially when little Charlie presented the registrar with Mummy & Daddy’s wedding rings. When they both said their ‘I Do’s’ I stole the happy couple for a little while so that they could have a little time alone together. Then it was on with the fabulous speeches and for everyone to party the fabulous winter evening away. Amy & Rob are wonderful people and as such they deserve every happiness. I want to wish them all the love, luck, good health, wealth and happiness their hearts can hold. With so much love, Lisa xx
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