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Alex & Sarah are so bloody fabulous and laid back that it’s ridiculous, they knew exactly the kind of wedding venue and feel they wanted for the design of their day and it was delivered to absolute perfection. Along with the gorgeous weather, although a mini downpour for 20 minutes almost sent Liz (the brides mum) over the edge… especially with an outdoor ceremony planned. However, I must take responsibility for the edge pushing, after choosing to hang Sarah’s incredible Bethany Hannah gown in a tree to photograph after said rainfall, it’s safe to say Liz would have killed me if I’d marked it in any way. However Liz put her faith in me and I was the ultimate professional and didn’t fluff it up and I got the shot I needed for the bride.

Everything was going to plan, just how I like it. I also had the lovely Suzanne Clark working with me that day and we really did have a lot of fun. The Kidman brothers were on fine comedic form and everyone was dressed to impress.

Meeting new people, especially lovely ones is the best thing in the world and being able to capture genuine love, affection and emotion in photographs certainly is a privilege to do. I loved seeing how these two beautiful families truly loved and cared for each other, and the energy and excitement was so wonderfully infectious. Hearing all the little stories about what all the little details meant to Alex and Sarah was so heart-warming. Even down to the wedding cake by Rebecca’s Bakery, which was an incredibly designed 3 tier log slices with the couple’s initials carved in it. Early in their relationship, Sarah and Alex went on a date and carved their initials into a tree. Alex took Sarah back to the same tree when he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.

Here we all were, in this beautiful Manley Mere venue, right by the lake, in a beautiful room decorated by Angel Weddings, adorned with pink and blue pomp oms and a rainbow of pastel coloured flowers, rustic charm, and romantic details, just awaiting the celebration to begin.

The Bride’s father Steve found a fellow emotional cry baby in me, because when he saw his first born in her wedding dress there was not a dry eye in the room. It’s my favourite part of the day, such a special moment. Sarah took her dads arm as he led her across the little bridge into the arms of her new husband to be Alex, in the little summer house amongst the weeping willows. Surrounded by everyone they know and love most in the world, they took their vows.

After the nuptials, we were treated to amazing songs by vocalist Lorna Adams amidst the hay bales lawn games and sunshine. The guests were treated to an afternoon tea feast and magic by Danny Jewel. We whisked the happy couple off to the lakeside jetty to capture the last minutes of the golden sunset and returned to dance the night away with the rest of the wedding party. It was perfect in every way and these two-amazing people deserve every happiness in their new married life together. So, thank you for letting us be part of your beautiful wedding day. Much Love, Lisa x
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