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I absolutely became firm friends with Michelle when we met. My sisters friend recommended me to Michelle & Kamran and after a phone conversation we met up and I knew we'd be great friends for years to come. Even our kids got on really well together. The craziest twist of fate is that Ive also known Kamran since I was about 15 years old when he worked on Warrington Market. Such a small world isn't it. Having been together for 17 years and having the most beautiful twin boys together, Kamran & Michelle decided to tie the knot with a small intimate ceremony with their immediate family and close circle of friends. It was everything Michelle dreamed of and more. It was about the ceremony and the joy of the commitment for them both and it was the emotion and love of everyone there to celebrate with them that made the union even more special. I think the world of this couple, they really are the kindest and most thoughtful people, they deserve every happiness together. Sending you both all my love, Lisa x
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