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Sara is such a fun loving down to earth girl, the kind you could chat the day away with and her groom Ian is completely laid back, chilled out, nothing phases kind of fella. The two of them remind me of my hubby and I. When we were thinking of a place to carry out their engagement shoot I couldnt think of anywhere better where we could see spring just breaking through the ground, so Grappenhall Walled Garden it was. Its such a hidden gem with the stunning renovated glass houses, ponds and gorgeously rustic landscaped grounds surrounded by the most beautiful red brick wall with huge renovated barn doorways and barn gates. Its just amazing. So off we went for a beautiful stroll and chats about their big day. I simply cannot wait for another West Tower Magical Wedding. The design of this couples big day will be fun-filled and nothing short of elegant and timeless and I im so excited to share it with them. Much Love, Lisa xx
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